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Metro Ebony Pages is a publication of Kanopy Corporation and was established in Atlanta, Georgia in 1991 as the principal business directory targeting the growing minority population in the Atlanta Metropolis. With the head office located just 3 minutes north of the Hartsville-Jackson International Airport and adjacent to the Delta Airline headquarters, Metro Ebony Pages commands a readership of over one hundred thousand (100,000) in each of the two geographical markets in the Atlanta Metropolis.

Metro Ebony Pages provides valuable information for families in the various minority communities and also gives exposure for businesses that desire to target minority families within the Metropolis. This is achieved by stratifying Atlanta into two major geographical markets – the south & north-west market and the east market. Each of these geographical markets has an issue of the Metro Ebony Pages dedicated to it annually

Since 1991, Metro Ebony Pages has captured the enviable position of being the minority communities’ road map to the every-day products and services offered by businesses within the communities. Constantly monitoring the pulse of the market place, Metro Ebony Pages is always adapting pragmatically to meet the needs of families by exposing them to businesses that offer services and product in a professional manner and at affordable prices.

The point is simply this, if you are a small business with a small budget and desire to reach the minority communities within Metro Atlanta, offering your services/products at affordable prices and in a professional manner, then call Metro Ebony Pages immediately at 404-403-4487 or 404-209-8654 to be included in the up coming issue. We can work out some thing you can fit into your small budget or no budget. Don’t be left out again!!

Kanopy Corporation (the Publishing Company for Ebony Pages) was selected in 2009, for the best of Atlanta Award in Advertising Category by the US Commerce Association in Washington, DC.

Metro Ebony Pages is spreading into other major cities all over the country. Watch out for one coming to your city soon.

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P.O. Box 161345
Atlanta, GA 390321

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Office: 404-403-4487
Cell Phone: 404-403-4487

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